Spring is in the air

Spring is often associated with freshness and rebirth, the season yields a sense of positivity and renewal.

It’s the time of year where we all take up our brushes and clean out our cupboards with the traditional ‘spring clean’.

The outside smells of fresh mown lawns and the anticipation of the BBQ smells wafting into our lives, and the sounds of the children laughing and playing outside. The scents from your surroundings are carried on the wind and from time to time you get to the luxurious aroma of these wonderful different scents coming through the open windows. It gives you the feeling of completeness and oneness with nature. Familiar scents bring calm and peace around us. Scents have the power to trigger memories and bring smiles to the most stressful of lives.

We have developed a range of scents to bring the outdoors in, with an amalgamation of memory jerking aromas that will freshen you home and bring peace into your environment.


A good fragrance can be compared to an accessory 

Like a painting, it should complement the personality of your house and contribute to the depth and feel your house interior portrays.

The fragrance of a home is now as important as the interior décor, in spring and summer we recommend using a lighter more floral scent – our Before you Walk the Streets diffuser is the perfect solution creating an exuberant ambiance combining Sandalwood, Leather and Jasmine or our Luxury Room Intense Roses Diffuser is a must have in the summer months.

Another option would be using the Candles, these are more personal and intimate and the perfect addition to anyone’s home. A candle sets the mood by providing both light and fragrance setting the perfect atmosphere and mood.


Create the right atmosphere

Our recommendation is to use different scents for different rooms   Your home needs a variety of scents in each room and usually, only the hallway, living room and bathroom are scented. By all means use a light fragrance in your bedroom however heavy scents are sometimes associated with sleep issues. You can scent your bedroom as well but you will need an aroma that does not disturb your sleep. The bedroom is a sensitive area.

Choosing a good freshener is an art form and personal to you. You need to maintain the perfect balance. Too much can be overpowering, the ideal is to evoke a desire for more.

Decorrs have a vast range of fragrances for your environment and are always extending so please continue to visit our site to see the luxurious range of available



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