Set 2 Ultralight Aromatic and Special Wine

£ 61.00

The meticulous attention applied to the shapes in this collection, and the virtually maniacal search for lightness have endowed these excellent glasses with an exceptional quality.
The shapes have been studied for each wine while the common denominating factor of these ultralight glasses consists in the rim which provides a smoother approach to the liquid.
As such, white wine, red wine, important reds, aromatic and distilled wines, spumanti and champagne can all be enjoyed with the usual delight but with the added element of the surprising ‘agility’ of the glass which
makes the tasting such a unique experience.
Probably the lightest glasses for tasting ever made, these have been designed by Federico de Majo who, once again, has shown his extraordinary passion and skill in searching to create something simply beautiful.

Diameter 85 mm
Height 230 mm
Capacity 43 cl
Weight 103 gr


Mouth blown and handcrafted, the Ultralight collection is realized in finest crystal glass, a material chosen for resistance, transparency and return quality. It is the lightness of the glass worked by hand and the original rim  facilitating the approach when drinking the contents of the glass that go to make these glasses a unique product.Probably the lightest wine tasting glasses ever produced.

To preserve the life of these beautiful products wash in warm soapy water


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