Planning on holding a BBQ or garden party this summer holidays?

Here’s the best tableware for you! Are you planning to arrange a perfect outdoor lunch? Or, are you going to organise garden parties and BBQs? 

When it comes to arranging the outdoor parties, you need to dress (the table) to impress…. And Decorrs is where you need to start.

Where to start… at the very beginning 

Serving Bowls 

If you are searching for trendy servings bowls for your outdoor parties, then Deccors has many excellent options for you. For example, you can opt for this Bon Bon Bowl which comes with a beautiful color combination of light blue and white. The product comes in the set of two such bowls and both of them are made of high-quality ceramic material which ensures great durability.


Serving Jug:

 If it’s your family get together lunch party in which you’ve invited some young connoisseurs, then you can serve them with these kid-friendly jugs. This particular serving jug comes with the bright orange colour which every kid will surely like. Apart from that, Deccors has many other child-friendly serving jug collections and all of them are designed with sumptuous colours like red, yellow, and blue etc. 

Porcelain Plates: 

These are stunning porcelain plates that come with timeless designs and minimalist decorations, an ideal accompaniment to your outdoor lunch table. These plates are made of porcelain material. As a recommendation, you can check for this particular porcelain plate. It comes with a very classic and sophisticated white color. 

If you are feeling a little more adventurous and wanting to add a bit more colour table then you need to check our these scrumptious plates: For more details about these plates, you can check this link here  


If you want to officially dress your salad to impress then you need to check out our Murrina colour collection This particular set comes in delightful color combination but there are many more color options too. Other key features of these large bowls are durable workmanship, stylish design, child-friendly products, microwave safe, and dishwasher safe. More details on these large bowls can be found on this link. 


If you are looking for matching tumblers along with the large bowls and plates, then there are many outstanding options for you. For example, you can check this link ( which showcases a red and white tumbler set.  With this, you have revealed different types of tableware collections which can be used to organise and arrange great outdoor lunch celebrations. 

So, what are you still waiting for? Check out our collections today to brighten up any BBQs or garden parties with this specially designed tableware.

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