Big Sale on Decorrs Starts Now! Make Your Lifestyle More Luxurious and Fun in 2021!!

Looking for the best homeware online shopping? If yes, then Decorrs is the right one-stop shop for you. We have launched our New Year Sale that you can enjoy right from the 26th of December 2020 all the way to the end of January 2021. So, be first in the queue, steal the deal by joining us right away!!

Though January has a reputation for being an extremely cold and bleak month, we want to warm your hearts by providing the best deals on homeware items. Our New Year Sale offers you the perfect opportunity to make great additions to your home, especially the kitchen.

When you can upgrade your dining and drinking experience at rock-bottom prices, it makes sense for everyone to snap the best deals while they are still available. So, why should you wait any longer???

Here is the list of items that we are offering in our New Year Big Sale:

Baby Cutlery Set

It is common to have a cutlery set in every home. But, do you have a cutlery set that’s the right fir for the little hands and mouths of your kids?


This premium BABY CUTLERY SET from a world-renowned French Brand is ON SALE RIGHT NOW. It is perfect not only to include in your dining set but also to gift children on their birthdays, baptism, christening, and other special occasions.

This high-quality stainless steel cutlery set is dishwasher safe and suitable for children aged between 2 and 12 years.

Porcelain Bowls and Plates

Every kitchen is incomplete without porcelain bowls that can add fun and opulence to your dining table. Available in different colours, this TUE FANTASY COLLECTION of MEDIUM and LARGE PORCELAIN BOWLS will bring the functionality you need in daily life as well as serving food on get-together occasions and parties. These Fine Porcelain Table Sets on Sale are a great collection to manage all your cooking, serving, entertaining, not to mention gifting needs.

Medium Size Bowls

 Large Size Porcelain Bowls

Apart from these stylish and beautiful porcelain bowls, you will also find unique PORCELAIN PLATES ON SALE AT DECORRS.

Now, serving food will be a more interesting and satisfying experience.

Glasses for Wine and Dine

Colourful glasses make your experience of mixing your drinks more enjoyable. And of course, they also add a splash of colour to your kitchen and dinner table while hosting parties, birthdays, and evening meals.

Bring this set of Six Different coloured BEI GLASSES ON SALE to your home and see how it will transform the dining ambiance in the blink of an eye. If you like making cocktails, their presence in your kitchen is enhanced even more. Plus, they also make a great gift.

Moreover, this set of Carre tall tumblers is another great addition to the dining table. Great for everyday use, they work well for both hot and cold drinks. Made from lead-free crystal, these tumblers are high-sided glasses with a designer appearance.

What about buying a WINE DECANTER ON SALE that will instantly impress your guests and make a great decoration piece in your home?

Made in Italy using fine materials, this alluring decanter makes a marvelous heartwarming gift as well.

So far this year you’ve probably seen many deals. But a NEW YEAR BIG SALE like this on DECORRS is an incredible chance that you should definitely take advantage of and enrich your lifestyle by not splurging but saving money.

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